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Mimi’s Dog Spa


Differentiate Mimi’s Dog Spa from the competition with creative branding and media placement


A unique brand identity that was used across platforms

Creating the Logo

Drawing the Face of the Company

The prompt from the client was “make me a logo that includes my dog Shakira”. To do this I selected a photo of the dog and traced the basic shapes of the face. The shapes were tweaked slightly and then filled with colors taken from the original photo.

Tying in the Company’s Service

The first iteration featured the owner’s dog sitting in a bubble bath. After several revisions, the design was simplified to the dog’s face inside a blue circle (drawing from the bubbles I made earlier) with a silver border (inspired by the metal washtub from the first iteration).

Getting the Word Out

Print Flyers

Announcing the Grand Opening

Business Cards

Sharing Location and Hours


Sent to Homes in the Area

Press Releases

Featured in a Local Newspaper and Magazine


Mimi’s Dog Spa, a self-serve dog wash situated on the grounds of a luxury car wash on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, aims to provide a time-saving and cost-effective way to keep pets clean.