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Project Description

TMG Properties for Sale Page

TMG Website

Reducing questions about property availability and saving callers’ time

The Challenge

Enhance the look of the Mansour Group’s Properties for Sale Page by adding logos to the thumbnails

The Outcome

A new design that made it easier for sales associates and clients to quickly find critical property information

The Problem

The original task was to add tenant logos to the Properties for Sale page, which had a grey background. Since the site uploader did not support transparency, new copies of over 100 logos would need to be created to make this happen. In order to save time, I came up with a solution that removed the need for new logos and improved the page’s functionality.

Before the redesign, clients would often call and ask about the property availability. Unfortunately for both the sales team and clients, this vital information was not clearly visible on the page at first glance. In addition, navigation was confusing as the hyperlinked text (Details) did not display characteristics that usually indicate clickable text.

Original design for property thumbnails on the Properties for Sale page

The Process

Step 1

Low Fidelity Wireframe

Step 2

High Fidelity Mockup

Step 3


The Solution

To solve the logo problem, I removed the grey background. This was done by expanding the white frame around each picture so that it covered the entire thumbnail. In addition to fixing the issues, the white frame created contrast that helped the thumbnails stand out on the page.

To reduce clutter, I removed unessential information from the thumbnails, in this case property addresses. I then put price and cap on separate lines and divide it from from the rest of the information, make pricing information easier to find.

To highlight property status, I placed the text in a solid rectangle at the bottom of each thumbnail. Color coding the rectangle based on status (blue = available, grey = pending or under contract) allowed clients and team members to tell if the property was available at a glance.


The Mansour Group (TMG) is a nationally ranked commercial real estate group within Marcus & Millichap that specializes in the sale of net leased retail property. TMG uses its website to impress potential clients with past sales and showcase the group’s exclusive listings.

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