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About Me

I’m Marina, a Southern California native and recent graduate of University College London’s MSc in Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Before coming to London, I worked for 2.5 years in visual design and marketing.

At UCL, I conducted user research (interviews, surveys, observation, ethnography), created prototypes (paper, digital mockups, arduino) and evaluated designs (lab testing, wizard of oz, heuristic evaluation). Projects ranged from studying emotions in shopping to identifying information seeking behaviors in fibromyalgia patients.

As a designer/marketer I identified areas for improvement based on user feedback and crafted solutions (website redesigns, new processes, etc.) informed by stakeholder input. Outcomes included reduced time spent on scheduling e-blasts, reduced time spent by sales team and clients searching for critical information on a webpage, and decreasing negative customer chat experiences.

Now I’m looking to combine my background in design and marketing with HCI human-centered research methods to help shape people’s experiences with technology.

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