Oro Financial

Oro Financial

Refreshing a financial company’s online presence with responsive design

The Challenge

Refresh the look of 25+ year old real estate company with new branding and website

The Outcome

A new logo and responsive website design that give the company a modern look


In 2016, I worked with Oro Financial to redesign its company website. The project spanned two months and involved branding, UI design, and website construction. Oro Financial of California, Inc. is a direct private residential and commercial lender specializing in non-conforming real estate loans in the state of California.

The Problem

When Oro Financial came to me for help, the company did not have a consistent brand identity to use across platforms. In addition, the company's 10-year-old website was in need of an update. The site not mobile friendly and it's layout that could lead to confusion.

Create New Branding

Branding work began with creating a logo. Several variations were sketched and presented to the client before a final design was chosen. The final logo incorporated the company's existing orange color into a shape resembling a sun's golden rays.

Initial Sketching
Sketches of initial logo ideas

Logos playing off gold theme were sketched to aid ideation

Digital Designs
Realistic Photoshop Mockup

Designs created in Illustrator were presented to the client

Add Color
Annotated images of new design

Orange and yellow hues were tried out before finalizing logo

Modernize Website

I worked with the company to create a new responsive website design. The new design organized the navigation, removed confusing visual elements, and explored new ways to present information.

old website home page with annotations
Pages on the website had repeated elements could cause confusion as to what page users were viewing

The first step was to review each page of the existing site to uncover areas for improvement. Once problems were discovered and documented, new designs addressing problem areas were sketched. After that, designs were prototyped with increasing levels of fidelity with input from the client throughout the process. Finally, the website was built with Wordpress and launched.

The original rate and term page had important information below the fold. In addition, the chart displaying loan to value information, or % of equity you could borrow, (not pictured) could lead to confusion.
This grey-scale mockup created in Adobe XD was shared with the client for feedback. Client feedback revealed that having only three broad property types to choose from could confuse potential borrowers.
The final design included all of the property types listed on the original page. However, instead of scrolling through a long table to find their property type, a user could simply click the type to find relevant information.
Slides show the process for the Rates and Terms page redesign (Review, Prototype, Build)

The final website was designed to display well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Multiple rounds of testing and revisions ensured that users the website displayed properly on many screen sizes. The live website can be seen at orofinancial.net.

The final website displayed on a desktop, laptop, and smart phone
The final responsive design displayed well on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices

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