PB Rotaract

PB Rotaract

Growing a new club from 4 to 20 members in less than a year

The Challenge

Establish a Rotaract club in Pacific Beach, California by recruiting the 15+ members required for an official charter

The Outcome

Pacific Beach Rotaract received it's official charter in 2016 and continues to be a presence in the San Diego community


In fall of 2015, three Rotaract Alumni and I set out to found a local Rotaract club in Pacific Beach (PB), CA. Our goal was to create a welcoming environment where young professionals could have fun, give back to their community, and grow professionally. My role was that of visual designer, marketer, and web designer.

Rotaract is a Rotary International Partner that aims to help young individuals (​18-30) exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. Rotary International is a service organization founded in 1905 that consists of 1.2 million members around the world.

The Problem

In early 2015, a Rotaract club in PB had fallen apart due to low membership levels. In addition, Rotary International – Rotaract’s sponsoring organization – was in the midst of a PR problem. Members of our target audience (21-30 year olds) tended to think of Rotary as an outdated club for old retirees, which made it harder for the organization (and our club) to attract younger generations. Our club set out to address this problem with fresh branding and targeted marketing.

Establish Branding

Customize Logo
Before and After logo design

Added our club name and removed pink color from official logo template

Select Colors
Four Color Schemes for logo

Created color schemes based on colors found in photos of PB and Rotary branding

Collect Feedback
Logo with top two color options

Presented color options applied to  the logo and a sample flyer to club president

Promote Events

After branding was approved, I began designing initial marketing materials. Flyers were created for informational meetings, general recruitment purposes, service projects, fundraisers, business development workshops, and socials.

A series of branded print flyers
Several flyers were designed to promote events and encourage donations

Become Official

Once we fulfilled the requirements for official club status, we hosted our chartering ceremony. For this event I designed three items: an invitation, a retractable banner, and an event program. Over 50 people attended and 20 club members became official Pacific Beach Rotaractors.

Branded invitation, event program, and banner
Branded invitations, event programs, and 6' banner were designed and printed for the ceremony

Launch the Website

In the end of 2016, I worked with our club’s president, fellowship director, and treasurer to launch pacificbeachrotaract.org. The goals of the site are (1) market the club to potential new members, (2) keep stakeholders (members, sponsors, etc.) informed about club activities, and (3) make it easy for people to make donations. To start, I reviewed Rotaract and Rotary club websites in our district and across the country. While researching, I recorded commonalities and took note of what worked well and what didn’t.

Lists of elements found on Rotaract Sites
Lists of elements found on Rotaract Sites
Notes document elements found on Rotaract websites during initial research

After that, I discussed research findings with the club president. Together, we drafted a list of critical features for the site. I then discussed content targeted at potential new members with our club's fellowship director. Armed with new insight, I drafted wireframes for each page.

Sketches of Home Page Design
Sketch of Events Page
Notes and low fidelity wireframes of the new PB Rotaract website

From there, I designed branded webpages based on the wireframes. After the design was built, I crafted copy and visual content for each page. To finish the site, I reached out to club members for articles for the blog and worked with our treasurer to set a up a page that accepts donations via PayPal and venmo.

A selection of screenshots from the PB Rotaract website when it went live in Jan 2017

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