Hello, I'm Marina Pardini

I'm a California-based UX Designer that draws from HCI, design, and business experience to shape digital products for organizations


bank with globe behind it

Exploring the future of international cash management

Designing a future vision for a bank's cash management software for SMEs
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Digital Notice Board

Launching a mobile app for competitive rowing teams

Designing a digital training hub for teams from the ground up
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iPad with charts on it

Designing an interface for an experimental chronic pain treatment

Simplifying a complex multi-screen interface into a user-friendly app
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Digital Notice Board

Empowering local traders with varying levels of tech literacy

Designing an inclusive solution to a common problem amongst traders
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About Me

I'm Marina, a UX designer with a Masters in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and over 7 years design experience. Since 2015, I’ve helped startups, small businesses, and enterprises in the US, UK, Belgium, and Germany solve problems with design.

While working as a graphic designer and marketer years ago, I discovered that I enjoyed simplifying processes and improving the usability of websites. Seeing the positive effects of my efforts on my team made me know that UX was for me. Since then, I've used my multi-disciplinary background to design experiences for organizations in tech, healthcare, fitness, finance / banking, construction, real estate, telecom, and government sectors.

I'm currently designing digital experiences for enterprises at Fjord, part of Accenture Song.

UK flag hangs off of an old building on a central London roadA palm tree by a California beach at sunsetThe view of a small german town from atop a hillBuildings by the river in Prague, CZ A view of Cusco with "Viva El Peru" written in a hill
Photos I've taken of countries where I've volunteered, studied and/or worked

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